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    improved the package plan and the policies and measures for responding to the impa▓ct of the global financial crisis, and achieved significant new results in reform, opening up and socialist modernization. On this foundation, the central and local budgets were sat▓is

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    factorily implemented and new progress was made in the reform and development of public finance. National revenue was 6.847688 trillion yuan, an increase of 714.653 billion yuan or 11.7% over 2008 (here and below). This consisted of 3.589614 trillion yuan collected

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    by the central government and 3.258074 trillion yuan collecte▓d by local governments. The central budget stabilization fund contributed 50.5 billion yuan. Nati▓onal expenditures were 7.587364 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.328098 trillion yuan or 21.2%. They consiste

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